If we keep moving forward together, then succes takes care of itself.

Management team

Laurent Claus

Managing Director

Irina Mitrea

Finance & Support Director

Yann Farmine

Roll-out Director

Ivan De Smet

Technology Director

Stéphanie Durand

Liaison Officer (Proximus)

Frédéric Lamborelle

Liaison Officer (Orange)

Krist Deforche

Head of IT & Facilities

Inge Janssens

Head of HR, Communication & Office Support

Mohamed Attalie

Head of Engineering

Didier Geeroms

Head of Design

Patrick Gourlet

Head of Operations

Jürgen Deurwaerder

Head of Build

Bartel Van Der Haegen

Head of Optimisation

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We can change the
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RPM/RPR: Bruxelles – Brussel