Vision & Mission

and our Values


MWingz provides the best and most efficient mobile access networks for each of the operators’ own customers and enables faster roll out of new mobile access technologies. MWingz contributes to the community and the environment by limiting carbon footprint and visual impact of sites.


The mission of MWingz is to operate the existing mobile access networks in the most qualitative and efficient way, and to deliver the best and most efficient shared network. MWingz enables differentiation of the operators’ networks and ensures confidential and fair treatment of the operators.


We do this through Efficiency, Quality, Compliance, Teamwork and Empowerment.


MWingz functions according to the “black-box-principle” ensuring a strict separation of potentially sensitive, operator-specific information. Compliance is in our MWingz DNA and allows for the operators to further differentiate and compete.


We do things right and we do the right things.

Priorities - Structure and processes - Documentation - Flexibility - Time & Energy


We are committed to deliver qualitative results.

Customer specifications - Procedures & policies - Standards & expectations - Customer focus - Engagement


As part of our DNA, we handle at all times and in all circumstances in a compliant and ethical way.

Respect - Policy - Corporate governance - Requirements - Fairness


From a team of greats towards a great team.

Communication - Knowledge sharing - Trust - Common view - Team spirit


We give and take the space for creativity and decision making, enabling people growth.

Responsibility - Support - Creativity - Decision - Growth

We change the game!


We can change the
game together!

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