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MWingz is a joint venture between Orange Belgium and Proximus. It aims to develop a mobile access network by sharing telecom equipment (active and passive equipment of the Radio Access Network).

On April 1, 2020, Proximus and Orange Belgium started a collaboration to develop the mobile access network
of the future by sharing active and passive equipment of the Radio Access Network (RAN).

MWingz BV/SRL is the joint venture that has been created to plan, build and operate the common grid. This joint venture is based in Brussels and is owned by Proximus and Orange Belgium.



Mobile access network sharing is implemented by many operators worldwide and in Europe. MWingz operates in the framework of option 2 below.

Sharing Model

Active sharing without spectrum.

  • 1 Deep passive, i.e. common grid and shared transmission
    • Operators share physical site and mast/antenna frame
    • Can include shed, power, cooling, transmission etc.
  • 2 Active sharing without spectrum (MORAN)
    • Operators share BTS/Node B, antenna, transmission and mast
    • Operators use separate core network and spectrum
  • 3 Active sharing with spectrum sharing (MOCN)
    • Operators share BTS/Node B, antenna, transmission and mast
    • Spectrum is pooled and shared
  • 4 National roaming, ie. sharing RAN capacity and spectrum
    • Hosting operator provides capacity to visiting operator in specific areas
    • Only spectrum of host is used for traffic of both

Overarching principle

As overarching principle, the joint venture manages and operates all sites on behalf of the two operators.

By sharing parts of the mobile network access infrastructure, operators can increase the efficiency of network operations and ensure sustainable investments in new network technologies. Mobile access network sharing between Proximus and Orange Belgium will allow a faster and more comprehensive 5G-roll-out in Belgium, covering also the 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The common grid will improve coverage.

The main benefits for end-users and society will be the improvement of the overall mobile experience thanks to a wider outdoor coverage, deeper indoor coverage and a faster 5-G roll-out.

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